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Inspection Preparation

Realtors and their clients looking to sell a home should prepare the home to an optimal condition for sale.  The home should not only appeal to potential buyers, but also generate a positive Inspection Report from the buyer’s Home Inspector.  You want to maximize the number of items under “Satisfactory” and minimize those under “Needs maintenance/repair.”  Click here.

Home Maintenance

The PDF below provides a calendar schedule of home maintenance services, recommended for all homeowners.  This provides a generic schedule for homeowners who wish to extend the lifespan of the systems and components in their home, and in many cases, increase energy savings through efficiency.  Click here.

Estimated Lifespan of Various Systems & Components

The lifespan of the various systems and components in a home is useful information for the buyers and sellers.  Home Inspectors are trained to evaluate systems and components for operations and the estimated useful life left.  This knowledge enables homeowners to make better informed decisions concerning their homes and its components, such as deciding whether to repair or replace, or planning the financing for replacements.  Click here.