January maintenance: Water shut-off valves

All appliances and plumbing fixtures that use water have a shut-off valve.  Locate and test all valves for water supply.

Most shut-off valves have not been operated for long periods of time.  We recommend operating each shut-off valve to: toilet bowl, water heater, under sinks, main shut-off, hose faucets, and all others.  We recommend you have a plumber do this, as some of the valves may need to be repacked or replaced.  Once the valves are in proper operating order, we recommend opening and closing these valves several times a year.

Make sure everyone in the home knows how to locate and turn off the water to appliances and fixtures.

Make sure you know how to locate and operate the main water supply valve.

Tag and test all valves to be sure they operate – but if a valve is corroded or difficult to operate, first have it checked or replaced by a plumber.

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